Brief Introduction of the Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering started in 1975, which is an academic publication sponsored by East China Institute of Computer Technology and Shanghai Computer Society.

Computer Engineering is approved as “Source Journal for Chinese Science Citation Database”, “Source Journal for Chinese Scientific and Technical Paper Statistics and Analysis”, “Core Journal of Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation”, “Excellent Journal of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC” and so on. It is also accepted by international databases: SA(UK), AJ(Russia), CSA(USA), etc.

Computer Engineering aims at publishing original and high-level research articles that describe the latest developments in computer science, technology and engineering, so as to promote academic communication of insightful theories and practice.

The scope of the journal includes Hot Topics and Reviews, Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition, Advanced Computing and Data Processing, Cyberspace Security, Mobile Internet and Communication Technology, Computer Architecture and Software Technology, Graphics and Image Processing, Development Research and Engineering Application, etc, which makes the journal a broad-based academic publication.  

Way of subscription:

The journal is a monthly publication, 320 pages. Readers can subscribe to it from post offices across China, and also can order from the editorial department. The price is 45 yuan, and 540 yuan for a year(12 issues).

Way of contact: 

Address: No. 63, Chengliu Road, Shanghai
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Telephone:(8621) 67092217

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