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Visualization Algorithm of Underwater Acoustic Data Based on Inverse Distance Weight Interpolation

GAO Zhen,YE Xueyi,ZHOU Tianqi,SONG Qianqian   

  1. (College of Communication Engineering,Hangzhou Dianzi University,Hangzhou 310018,China)
  • Received:2014-07-31 Online:2015-09-15 Published:2015-09-15

Abstract: In the use of ray casting algorithm for 3-d reconstruction of volume data,the sampling point will not necessarily fall in the location of the data point.So interpolation is needed for the values of sampling points.The choice of interpolation method directly affects the rendering quality.Inverse Distance Weight(IDW) interpolation algorithm is a relatively fast and simple interpolation method.In this paper,through the analysis of the characteristics of underwater acoustic data,a method using the inverse distance weight interpolation for volume data is proposed.The important parameters of the interpolation algorithm,the search radius and power exponent are selected.Interpolate in the sphere is determined by the search radius.The grey value of the sampling point is calculated.It also layers the acoustic data by manual operation.And the different layer parameters of underwater acoustic data are parameters with different parameters to get better results.Experimental results show that the image with inverse distance weight interpolation has better rending quality than before.

Key words: volume data visualization, Inverse Distance Weight(IDW) interpolation, ray casting method, search radius, weight drop exponent

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